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  • Promised God I will testify so here I am son sat his 11plus exam with various schools and he got his first result last week but did not make it. He was completely broken and I just encouraged him to trust God work everything together for his good. The second result was due to be out today but I couldn't tell him because I was afraid he would fail again. I couldn't sleep all night asking God for grace and strength to walk through no matter the outcome. Prayed and went back to sleep around 3am only to wake up as usual for PWW at 5:30am. Pastor Bola took the prayers this morning and as soon as she said you are looking for God for something urgently. She said for us to bring it God and even said don't worry nobody can hear you. I knew this must be God...So I raised my voice in prayers. I am happy to share the God did it. I got his result for queen Elizabeth school and he made the cut off...PRAISE GOD! MY God has not put me to shame as have always told my children God honours hard work and dedication. Thank you to all the leaders that has commuted to this prayer line. God bless you all!
  • Glory be to God On Wednesday 17 Oct Pastor made a declaration that people will receive good news about something they've been waiting for, I received it and thanked God for it. A few hours later that morning I got a text message saying I should check my email, a contract job I'd been waiting for for a while and had said no to me a few days previously had emailed me to say they now need me and I should come and start the next day. Praise God.
  • I got married since 2014, I have been believing God for the fruit of the womb. I had three failed IUI and 1 failed IVF on the day my IVF failed I almost died I was miserable. My pastors wife introduced me to PWW. I started joining in for prayers in August. So I decided to put in my remaining frozen embryo.i sowed a small token believing God for breakthrough this time.God has done it I am pregnant. Praise God.
  • Dear Sir I give God all the glory for your life, ministry, and PWW. Late last year we had the desire to move into a new property and I started the process of application. But I did not pursue it further as I was considering the finance and the fact that we were refused in the past. Early this yea,r during one of the prayer session, the holy spirit spoke through you and you said that for us to break barriers and to break through we must take risks and not be afraid. And with God on our side, it will be a successful ventures. I shared this with my husband and we received it. That same week my husband went to the bank and instead of just getting a mortgage to move up the property ladder we were told we are eligible for a let to buy on our former property. And to the glory of God of wonders we have moved into a new property and are in the process of letting out the old one.We give God all the glory for making prayer to work wonders for us in the area where we were rejected few years ago. Glory be to God almighty and I pray that God will continue to increase His unction in your life and ministry and in the life of all the ministers that God is using on PWW. Remain blessed sir. Funmi
  • God did it. The Lord gave me a word in Isaiah 55. That I will come out with joy and be led out in peace and the mountains and the hills will break forth before me in singing and all the trees in the field will clap their hands. My surgery was scheduled for June, the month of rejoicing and the Lord has made me to come out with joy and peace. Thank God for you all at Prayer Works Wonders. God still answers prayers and will fulfill all His promises. In Jesus' mighty name Amen.
  • I joined this prayer line about a year ago. The details were given to me by a relative. I have two adult children who are single and one of them was looking for a career change. To the glory of God one is getting married in October this year and the other has started a new career that has very good prospects. To God be all the glory. HALLELUJAH!!! Sis. Clara
  • Thank you so much, totally appreciate it, God will give you the wisdom to know how to just as He gave you the idea of a worldwide prayer line like this, the very first of its kind at least that I know, God bless you! Prayer was awesome this morning. Personally, I finally found a prayer line I can actually join and recommend to others, I’ve been looking for one for the longest, I honestly wish it could be every day for real, this morning it was way better, keep it up and God bless you guys more and more, may your harvest never cease indeed!!!!!!! Hi, thank you so much for setting up the prayer line, the very first of its kind, I’m amazed, I’ve been joining the prayer line from the states, it’s awesome, I’ve been so blessed. Sis. Zion I joined prayer works wonders on 21st of August and the prayer point was ” if all is well why am I struggling for everything”? I graduated since 2008 no job. In these years, I got married no job. I had migration issues even got married to British citizen with two British children still I was refused my residence and no job. After 2 years and 8months last year December 26th 2014, my stay was granted. Then officially, I started looking for job since January 2015, March I got voluntary job two days a week and my neighbour had been helping me with childcare without money. I am here to testify to the God of signs and wonders for giving me a good job at Lambeth council as cash management assistant scale 5. Monday prayer point, pastor sir. You mentioned there is a family who the spirit of idleness was affecting them. I started crying as you were praying because I and my two brothers are jobless in UK. My younger brother came out with Distinction in Subsea engineering , he lost is job in April and he has family, after taken job seekers he said I will put ego away sis, I have contacted my previous security company , if I can start working until I get Oil and gas job back so he started working as a security officer last week with a degree and masters with Distinction. My second brother has RIBA as an architect but no job so he started doing self employed so the insults from family members and friend can stop. I am testifying to the God of signs and wonders because you said let the testimony start coming in. Please, my heart is over joy with songs of praises. God bless you richly pastor. Many thanks Iyore
  • Dear Pastor Leke, Good morning sir and greetings to your beloved wife and your family. I write to share a testimony with you of what God did for my family with the medium of Prayer Works Wonders and how I came in contact with it. My first time of meeting with you was at the OFNC family conference 2015 where you were the main speaker. I bought some of your books and at the end of the conference, our NEC chairman declared that the remaining books must be taken and I was among those who benefited. I used “command the morning and control the day” regularly until one day I opened one of the other books to read and the flyer for prayer work wonders fell out. this happened in March 2016 and decided to key in since that day when I am not working. on the 16/03/16 you spoke on the topic ” It will only get better” and in your intro, before you started you led us to pray from Jeremiah 30:17 and 2 Chronicles 31:7. I keyed into the 2nd scripture when you declared that we will begin destiny projects and it shall be completed in the 7th month. I didn’t have physical tangible projects at that time but there was a claim of £12,500 I was making for an insurance cover I had. The incident occurred in 2013 and I didn’t know I was covered for it until this year. I seek advise from the consultant who sold the premiums to me and I was told I couldn’t claim because It has taken too long. I sat down and looked at the terms and condition and noticed that there was no time frame tied to it so I put in the claim. Initially, they gave me reasons why they won’t pay but the Spirit of God laid me to the scripture that said “bring forth your strong reasons” so I sat down and compose a letter to the company stating reasons why I am entitled to it considering the terms and conditions. I threatened to take them to the financial Ombudsman if they refused to pay. Few days later, I got a letter from them apologising to me that they will investigate the issue and pay me. To cut the long story short. The money was paid into my account on the 29th of July (the month of completion or perfection) Praise God. My joy was that I was able to support the work of God at home and here in the UK and also set up 3 businesses for 3 families that God laid in my heart in Nigeria and also to be a blessing to many as the Lord laid in my heart. Finally, we have been able to get a piece of land 100 by 100 in Warri area where I and my husband families live. Praise God. Daddy, you may not understand our joy. I have been in this country for 12 yrs and my husband 14yrs but we have not been able to save up to £2,000 in our account for any physical year or go on holiday abroad but the yoke is broken. I know I gave half of the money out for charitable deeds but I don’t regret it because I know my account in heaven is loaded. My husband doesn’t understand my kind of giving but I believe the money came for me to be a blessing and not for me to spend on my family alone. Please send me the account details for Prayer Work Wonders so I can sow a seed into it and also put a monthly standing order in place. A million thanks to you and your team at the prayer works wonders because God is touching lives through this medium. The finance to sustain the vision will come right on time because God is the giver of the vision. Amen. God bless you.
  • I thank God for the divine favours of possessing my new opportunities in this month of April. Got a new job and becoming a better and improved version of myself by having faith, believe and trust in our Lord Open Doors, Total Restoration, and Breakthroughs. Many thanks and gratitude to Prayer Works Wonders and the church. Blessed be. Praise the Lord! For his indeed a way maker, miracle worker & the God that makes the impossible possibly. I joined the online prayer middle of last year through a friend. I have been believing God for my stay in this country, and I am a single parent of two lovely kids. To the glory of God Almighty, I got my stay yesterday, after several appeals and hearings. I never missed the 3 days conference calls since I joined and sometimes I donate too. I promised that I will testify to the glory of God. Whenever I am being granted my stay. I’m also believing God for my life partner and I believe I will still testify over that too. God will continue to use Pastor Leke, wife and all others leading us in prayers all the time. It shall be well with you all. I’m a Catholic, but I know we all call one God. The power of the holy spirit will never depart from anyone of us. Amen Blessings sir, thanks daddy for praying for the children, that was very thoughtful of you sir. My daughter was so glad that you prayed for the children & my sweetheart as well. On Wednesday alone, for her Sixth form admission, we visited 3 different schools and when she woke up this morning, she testified that in her dream, God gave her the desire of her heart. So thankful to God for your life sir. Olorun ma so oro sinu aiye yin. Amin. God will not be silent concerning you & yours but will speak life to every situation of your life too in Jesus' name. Amen. We sincerely appreciate and celebrate you sir!















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